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Investment loans are structured in a specific way to allow you to make the most of your assets. An investment plan is one that works toward building your wealth and securing your financial freedom. It may be possible to use the equity in your existing property for the deposit and stamp duty of purchasing an investment property.

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For some, the future may seem a long way off, but the time to act is now. Investing allows you to start saving for your future.
Our experienced team have access to a great selection of loan solutions and will work with you to see where you stand and what would work best for your unique circumstances.

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Have you considered using the funds in your Self Managed Super Fund to invest in commercial property?

The savings you’ve built up in your Superannuation Fund can be used to make investments in a range of asset classes. By transferring your super to a new or established Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), the opportunity to use gearing to purchase property may become available.
Using your SMSF funds as a deposit, some lenders will approve loans starting at just $100,000 to purchase property, and the income generated from the rental can help meet your repayments.
With commercial property, it may be possible to use your SMSF to purchase a property that will be occupied by your business, as long as the rent is at market rates.

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Essentially, this type of finance is a Term Loan with features such as flexible terms up to 30 years, the choice of principal and interest or interest only repayment, and the options of fixed or variable rates, or a combination of both.
There are many rules and regulations governing your SMSF, so it’s important you get the advice of a financial professional, like your accountant or financial planner, to assist you in making the right choices.

How much can I expect to pay?

Everyone’s individual circumstances vary — our mortgage calculator is intended to give you an idea of what you might pay based on your stated assumptions.

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