Financial Planning

Our financial advisers take the time to get to know you and your personal and financial goals and objectives, then work with you to build a strategy that will help you achieve these.

What is a financial adviser and how can they help me?

Every Australian has different financial goals for the future, but no matter your age or your income, it’s never too early to see a financial adviser and start planning. If you’re looking to create a financial plan for your future, then it’s best to consult a qualified financial adviser. They can advise you on suitable insurance policies, superannuation funds, and investment opportunities to grow your wealth, increase your savings and protect your assets whilst planning for your retirement.
Our team of experienced financial advisers are equipped with the right knowledge and can look at strategies you need to live a comfortable life both now and in the future. At Guardian Group, we understand that every Australian has different personal and financial circumstances. That’s why we’re committed to tailoring financial plans to fit your unique needs and goals.

What are the benefits of financial planning?

Financial planning is the process of systematically and sensibly planning your financial future to ensure you live comfortably both now and during retirement.
The best financial plans consider all possible eventualities and plan for them accordingly. A financial plan may involve wealth creation strategies, superannuation planning, and taking out various insurance policies.
While many Australians attempt to plan, budget, and save to meet financial milestones, without proper advice and realistic goals, these attempts can fall short or fail all together. By seeking professional advice for financial planning, you can gain tangible financial goals to work towards, set up protection for the unexpected or costly situations, get strategies to pay off debts quickly and effectively, look at ways to reduce tax and interest payments, and much more.

Budgeting and Saving Plans

If you find it a little overwhelming to plan decades ahead, we can also start a little smaller.
Our financial advisers can help you take control of your money by doing a comprehensive budget and help guide you through a practical savings plan. Reviewing your spending habits can help you save money and give you the confidence that you can reach your financial goals.

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Our Financial Planning Process

We have summarised our financial planning process to outline what you should expect in 5 easy steps.

Step 1:
Let’s chat about you

We want to get to know you and build a solid relationship. Your financial adviser will ask you many questions, including gathering your personal information and financial situation. We will discuss your short term, medium, and long term goals and look at realistic expectations based on your personal circumstances. Your financial adviser will collect detailed information so we can be specific about the types of advice or services you may need to help you reach your financial objectives. Honesty is always the best policy and this will make sure that the strategy your financial adviser looks at is suitable to your individual needs.

Step 2:
Sit back and let us do the work

Now that your financial adviser has a clear understanding of who you are, your current financial situation, and what your goals and objectives are, they can analyse the information and complete comprehensive research to evaluate different strategies and alternatives to present to you for your consideration. The financial adviser will prepare a ‘Statement of Advice’ document with information about your financial plan based on what you discussed at the initial meeting, keeping your best interests in mind.

Step 3:
Let’s discuss a plan

The financial adviser will present you with your ‘Statement of Advice’ document and take you through their recommendations based on your discussed goals and objectives. Your financial adviser will discuss solutions, risk involved and answer any questions you have. It is important to have open communication and really understand what your financial adviser is recommending, as well as what costs are involved. Creating a strong relationship with your financial adviser and a solid financial plan is give and take and should be thoroughly discussed. Once you are comfortable and informed about the strategy, your financial adviser will then ask if you would like to have this implemented.

Step 4:
Team work makes the dream work

Now that you have a financial plan, your financial adviser and the Guardian Group support team will get busy setting everything up for you. Where your strategy includes setting up personal insurances, one of our friendly administrators will be in contact to conduct the insurance application with you over the phone. Again, honesty is the best policy, you have a duty of disclosure to the insurer and we want to make sure your personal insurances are going to protect you when you need them. And if the financial adviser or the support team need to discuss anything at all regarding the implementation of the advice strategy, we will be sure to contact you so we get it right. Once everything is in place, you will receive correspondence from our team to let you know.

Step 5:
Let’s catch up, regularly

It’s best practise to do an annual review on your financial strategy. That way your financial adviser can look back and see how the past year has gone and discuss any adjustments that need to be made to make sure your financial plan stays on track. We are here anytime you need us over the phone, via email, or in person. Keep us informed when your situation or circumstances change. Keeping your personal information up to date with us, your insurer, and your superannuation fund is very important. We are always happy to hear from our clients.

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