About Us

Guardian Group is a parent company to various like-minded industry branches. Offering everything from financial planning to finance products, Guardian Group is about providing an affordable solution and ongoing support, in order to help you get ahead and grow your future.

Our focus is on you, our valued client, and we work to provide you with not just a product, but a community of support designed to assist you with everything you may need to create the future you desire.

Our industry experts – specialists in their fields – have joined with Guardian Group for our unique approach to business and together we have created affordable products designed to suit the everyday Australian.

As members of the local Australian community ourselves, our commitment is to the future and we work everyday to help you achieve one you and your family will love.

About Gawad Nabi

Gawad Nabi is the Founder and CEO of Guardian Group. Gawad has sought out experts within various industries and brought them together under one Group to deliver something truly unique to the local Australian community.

As a member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA), Gawad has been providing financial advice since 2012 and has qualifications and training in providing professional advice in a multitude of business and finance related matters.

Gawad is financial services industry experienced and is competent and compliant with relevant industry education, both through formal education (RG146 as a minimum) as well as continuing ongoing education and training. Details of his years of experience as an authorized representative, specialist and general qualifications can be found on the Financial Adviser Register on the ASIC website.

Gawad has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, and in fact, his first business began when he was only 7 years old.  He has expertise in saving small businesses and capturing the essence of what makes a business successful. Gawad is a serial entrepreneur and has helped start and scale several businesses within the Financial Industry and currently does consultancy to help troubled businesses in a variety of industries.

Having earnt the nickname “the ripplemaker” within his industry, Gawad began a new journey to create a ripple within the Real Estate Industry, combining services from the Financial Planning, Finance and real estate sectors he recognised a distinct lack of focus on the customer in these industries and decided to change that with a highly skilled and experienced team and the ethos of “dont be surprised if you make a profit by providing a good service” and making important connections within these industries and introducing powerful partnerships and alliances with industry leaders allowing Guardian Group Corporation to be born.

Guardian Group Corporation, deliver a full service to its customers, Which is captured in the company tagline, ‘Your Life, Your Future, Together, Our Journey. Guardian Group champions a spirit of “to serve” rather than “to sell”.

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